What makes Scooter different?

We’re an online accounting firm that specializes in working with small businesses.

Do you work with any other systems besides quickbooks online (QBO)?

No, sorry! We switched completely to QBO in 2017 because it's the best all-around choice for our customers.

what are your hourly rates?

We generally avoid hourly rates because they’re arbitrary and inefficient. Instead, we take a close look at each job up front, figure out how much work is involved, and then provide a proposal with an estimated price for our services.

Do you do personal tax returns?

Yes, we prepare personal and business tax returns for most of our customers (they typically go together).

Are you the right firm for me?

Great question! Our ideal customers are business owners who are a) looking for professional accounting on a part-time basis, b) not interested in hiring an employee or building their own accounting department, and c) tech-savvy and comfortable with the cloud. If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place.

When were scooters invented?

Scooters have been around since 1915 and early generation models were manufactured by multiple companies worldwide, including Salsbury and Cushman in the USA. The Piaggio Vespa was introduced in post-World War 2 Italy and became the first globally popular scooter due to its style, maneuverability, and economy. The iconic scooter got its name when Piaggio’s president saw the prototype and remarked, "Sembra una vespa" — “It looks like a wasp.”