Here They Are, Our FAQs

What makes Scooter different?

We’re an online accounting firm for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Which systems do you work with?

We use QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) exclusively, and we know both systems inside and out.


You bet. In fact, 90% of customers need some type of cleanup or catchup work when they first come to us.

what types of customers do you work with?

Great question! Our ideal customers are business owners who are a) looking for professional accounting on a part-time basis, b) not interested in hiring an employee or building their own accounting department, and c) tech-savvy and comfortable with the cloud. Generally speaking, our customers have revenues in the $300K-$3M range (sometimes less, sometimes more).

can you do my personal tax return?

Yes. We’re a full-service firm and we handle both business and personal tax returns for most of our clients (they usually go hand in hand).

Your rates are higher than I’m used to, are you worth it?

That’s up to you to decide. Our 30 second pitch is that we can handle your accounting better, faster, and cheaper than you can because we do the same work over and over again and we know what systems to use.

In addition, our most important service isn’t accounting — it’s advice. And a good piece of advice at the right time — about how to design your system, or the quickest way to clean up six months of bad accounting, or which online payroll service to use, or which QuickBooks reports you should be looking at, or what to do when your bank feeds go down, or the right way to handle owner loans and distributions — is worth 100 hours of mindless accounting work. Anyway, if you don’t need that type of help and you’re looking for lower rates, maybe you should hire a bookkeeper.

When were scooters invented?

Scooters have been around since 1915 and early models were manufactured by multiple companies worldwide, including Salsbury and Cushman in the United States. The Piaggio Vespa was introduced in Italy in 1946 and became the first globally popular scooter due to its style, maneuverability, and economy. The iconic scooter got its name when Piaggio’s president saw the prototype and remarked, "Sembra una vespa" — “It looks like a wasp.”