what makes scooter different?

We’re an online accounting firm that specializes in working with small businesses.

Do you work with any other systems besides QuickBooks online?

No, sorry! We use QBSE and QBO exclusively because they’re our favorite systems.

which version is right for me?

That depends. If you’re a one-person business with basic needs, QBSE might be enough. If you have a small to midsize business with multifaceted accounting needs (A/R and A/P, payroll, inventory, financial reporting), QBO will be a better choice right from the start.

do QBSE and qbO work with square, stripe, and paypal?

They sure do. Long story short: Those platforms handle your sales and customer payments (the front end), while QuickBooks helps you manage your expenses, accounting, and taxes (the back end).

Can you help with cleanup work and/or system conversions?

You bet. In fact, 90% of our customers need help with those tasks when they first come to us.

can you do my tax return?

Yes. We’re a full-service firm and we handle business and personal tax preparation for most of our clients.