We Help Small Businesses Nail Their Accounting.


Outsourced Accounting for Small, QuickBooks-Based Businesses


 Are You Tired of Fighting the Same Accounting Problems Every Month?

  • Unreliable bookkeeping

  • QuickBooks headaches

  • No procedures

  • Inaccurate financials

  • Disorganized recordkeeping

  • No clear strategy


We can help you do better.

 Our Process

1 Conversation/Q&A

A short process that will help us understand how your business operates and what kind of accounting help you need.

2 Services & Pricing

We’ll help you figure out which tools, services, and reporting make sense for your specific situation and budget.

3 The Work Begins

If you decide to hire us, great! We’ll start setting things up and schedule a kickoff date to begin working together.

Our Services

Basic Plan

A lightweight service for freelancers, self-employeds, and sole proprietors with minimal accounting needs. Includes QuickBooks Self-Employed, monthly bookkeeping, quarterly P&Ls, and a complete year-end owner’s report. Perfect for creatives, consultants, online sellers, and one-person businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Intermediate Plan

A complete accounting service for small, service-based businesses that don’t want to build their own accounting department. Includes QuickBooks Online, full bookkeeping, online billpay, payroll and 1099 service, and a monthly financial reporting package. Ideal for creative agencies, professional service firms, health and wellness businesses, and service companies of all types.

Advanced Plan

A higher-level service for inventory-based businesses and companies with more complex accounting needs. Includes QuickBooks Online (Plus or Advanced) + everything in the Intermediate Plan + assistance with issues like purchasing, inventory, POS systems, merchant accounts, COGS accounting, and sales tax. Designed for retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce sellers, and small manufacturers.

Free Accounting Tips

Here you go: The five biggest lessons we’ve learned about small business accounting, squeezed down into a dazzlingly short PDF.


what makes scooter different?

We’re an online accounting firm that specializes in working with small businesses.

Do you work with any other systems besides QuickBooks online?

No, sorry! We use QBSE and QBO exclusively because they’re our favorite accounting systems for small businesses.

which version is right for me?

That depends. If you’re a one-person business with basic needs, QBSE might be enough. If you have a small to midsize business with multifaceted accounting needs (A/R and A/P, payroll, inventory, financial reporting), QBO will be a better choice right from the start.

do QBSE and qbO work with square, stripe, and paypal?

They sure do. Long story short: Those platforms handle your sales and customer payments (the front end), while QuickBooks helps you manage your expenses, accounting, and taxes (the back end).

Can you help with cleanup work and/or system conversions?

You bet. In fact, 90% of our customers need help with those tasks when they first come to us.

can you do my tax return?

Absolutely. We’re a full-service firm and we handle year-end accounting and tax returns (both business and personal) for most of our clients.

The Story

Scooter was founded by Will Keller, an experienced CPA who left his job at a big firm because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in the corporate world. Instead, he wanted to build a range of simple, affordable online accounting services for small businesses — so he gathered up his tools and started Scooter.


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