Say goodbye to your accounting problems.


At last: A range of lightweight accounting services for freelancers, self-employeds, and sole proprietors.


Save time.

Do everything on your phone or iPad. 80% of your accounting work will be automated.

Stay organized.

Keep track of your income and expenses. Monthly P&Ls delivered to your inbox.

Less Stress.

Goodbye, year-end chaos. Your accounting and taxes are now under control.

how much accounting help do you need?


For riders with minimal accounting needs. Includes QBSE setup, prior accounting (one month), monthly transaction coding, bank rules management, and quarterly P&Ls.


For riders who need more power and maneuverability. Includes QBSE setup, prior accounting (three months), monthly transaction coding, bank rules management, monthly P&Ls, quarterly estimated tax calculations, and a complete year-end owner’s report.


For riders with specialized needs. Includes everything in the Intermediate plan plus assistance with issues like: payroll, 1099 contractors, inventorysales tax, SE health insurance, home office deduction, fixed assets and depreciation, and IRA/retirement savings contributions.


who is miniscooter designed for?

Freelancers and self-employeds of all types — including creatives, health and wellness professionals, consultants, online sellers, realtors, and small business owners with ultra-simple accounting needs.

is qbse the right software for me?

If you’re a one-person business and you file a Schedule C with your personal tax return, it’s highly likely that QBSE will be a good fit for you. If it isn’t, we’ll let you know up front.

does qbse work with square, stripe & PayPal?

Yes, it does. Long story short: Those platforms handle your sales and customer payments (the front end), and QBSE helps you manage your expenses, accounting, and taxes (the back end).

can i categorize my own expenses in qbse?

You can do the work if you want or leave it to us, it’s your choice. In either case, we’ll review your transaction coding and P&L on a regular basis to make sure everything’s being done correctly.

can you do my tax return?

Yes, we prepare tax returns for most of our customers. With a clean set of books, your tax work should be a lot easier.

how do i get started?

Contact us below to get things rolling. There’s a short learning curve with QBSE, but after 30-60 days most people are zooming along nicely.


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The Idea

We love QBO and the full-service accounting work we do at Scooter, but we’ve known for a long time that lots of people want a lighter, simpler, lower cost way of handling their accounting. When QuickBooks Self-Employed came out, we decided to design a set of minimalist services that would match the program’s clever capabilities.